Air Resources Helicopters Incorporated (ARHI) has been providing utility and commercial helicopter operations in Southern California since 1991 – Air Resources prides itself in providing safe, efficient and reliable helicopter services in Southern California and throughout the United States, Canada and Alaska.

ARHI is also a professional helicopter flight school. Many of our flight instructors are professional commercial pilots who fly utility and commercial operations for ARHI. For immediate assistance for commercial project call 951-395-1100.

Air Resources is proud to be an advocate of the aviation industry and our goal is to help the next generation of pilots, this is why many of our commercial pilots are also our instructors; committed to leading our student pilots to become the industry’s next leaders – the next generation of commercial helicopter pilots. We will teach you the essential foundational skills of commercial and utility helicopter operations. Our focus is to produce the industry’s most professional and safe helicopter pilots.  For more information about the helicopter flight school call 951-395-1100.

A Unique Professional Helicopter Flight School

ARHI is a unique flight school in the fact that our student pilots have the ability to train in the very same aircraft that we use to conduct our commercial operations. In addition, our experienced flight instructor staff can help train our students to safely operate in the same scenarios that they will experience as a professional pilot.

Who better to teach you than the people who do it day-in-and-day out? ARHI has been a part of the helicopter industry for nearly 25 years and many young pilots have gotten their start and gone on to great carriers through the mentorship of ARHI.

Helicopter Flight Schools - Utilities & Comercial Operations

Because we have been the industry we know the scenarios and pressures of commercial operations that is why ARHI has adopted the FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) modern training methodology. Through Scenario Based Training (SBT) ARHI student gain a greater understanding of helicopter operations. Any school can teach you to fly a helicopter but ARHI will teach you how to operate a helicopter safely, professionally and effectively.

From the first day you will be treated as a pilot in training not as a student. You will be given the respect as an adult learning new skills and perusing your dreams as a pilot. For more information about Air Resources on Helicopter School Directory click here.

Our student pilots complete a rigorous qualification process preparing them for a career performing commercial operation. Our goal is to train them up to compete for the best jobs in the industry, earning top wages and salaries.

Experience – Expertise – Commitment to Excellence

What makes ARHI so successful? Plain and simple, its our experience! We offer a wide range of utility and commercial ops which enables us to provide customized operation services designed to meet our client’s unique requirements. Our dedicated team of professional pilots have a combined 50 years of aviation experience. Our operating principles of success are…

  • Safety Comes First
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Dedicated & Experienced Pilots
  • Commitment to Teaching the Next Generation of Pilots

If you are looking for professional and experienced Helicopter services look no further. Air Resource Helicopter Incorporated (ARHI) is So Cal’s top all-around helicopter service organization. Our expert helicopter flight services include; Firefighting Services, Power line and Pipeline Inspection, Precision Lift Work, Charter Flight Services, Heli Skiing and Helicopter Flight Training.

Air Resources Helicopters Incorporated provides aerial support for companies big and small, as well as individuals looking for anything from heli-skiing to charter transportation services. ARHI provides rotorcraft flight support for construction, maintenance, firefighting, and charters. Our clients realize that helicopters are the fastest and most effective way to get the hard jobs done right.

ARHI’s helicopter services enable people and companies from Southern California to go further, do more, and come home safely. Our flight services are based on our uniquely skilled pilots and high performance rotorcraft to provide travel out to, and back from, So Cal’s most remote and challenging destinations. What’s more is the fact that we provide helicopter flight training for aspiring commercial pilots; we train student pilots as well as the seasoned veterans who are adding advanced certifications. ARHI is So Cal’s leading helicopter services company. Known industry wide for our relentless pursuit of safe, reliable helicopter transportation.

  • Helicopter Flight Services
  • Fire Fighting
  • Power line and Pipeline
  • Precision Lift Work
  • Aerial Concrete
  • Charter Services
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Flight School Training

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